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What is sourdough starter?

How do I make a sourdough starter from scratch?

Why is there no rise in volume with my new starter created from scratch?

How do I refresh the starter packet that comes with the Full Proof Baking Kit?

How do I know when to feed my sourdough starter?

What ratio is best for feeding?

How many times a day should I be feeding?

Will my cool kitchen temperature be a problem?

Can I use any flour to make my starter?

How can I get my starter to grow higher in the jar?

Why does my starter have a liquid layer on top and smell like alcohol/acetone?

What is the difference between “starter” and “levain”?

How can I make my starter or levain more sour/more sweet?

What is micro-feeding and what can I do with my sourdough discard?

How do you build a levain: Flour, Ratio, and Volume?